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The Best Time to Water Your Lawn

Watering the lawn helps preserve aesthetics and the lawn’s good health. But, watering can also cause damage if done too frequently or not enough. Did you know that there is a best time to water the lawn? Although watering the lawn is something that you can do any time of the day or night, when you choose the right time, the benefits are amazing. Exactly when is the best time to water the lawn?

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Get up and at ’em early for lawn watering, because it’s the best time of the day to water the lawn for best results. Experts agree that watering the lawn before 10 a.m. is the best way to keep the lawn healthy and the grass green. Morning hours are best because the temperatures are cooler and there is oftentimes a calm breeze that minimizes evaporation. There is also less stress on the grass during the early morning hours.

Can’t water the lawn in the morning? Late afternoon is the second-best time to water the lawn. However, experts warn that there is a risk of disease when you choose to mow in the evenings. Of course, with the right sprinkler system st louis installed, watering the lawn at the exact time you choose is easy. It’s one of the biggest reasons people choose to install sprinkler systems and there is little question you’ll appreciate its value like so many others do already.

A great lawn establishes a good impression for your family and your home. Every homeowner wants a lawn that adds curb appeal to the neighborhood and happiness to their heart. Watering the lawn at the right time is certainly a simple step that keeps your in the mix for such benefits and so many others.

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